If you are planning to coach next season, feel free to keep your bag for the winter.  There will be a gear day at the start of the season where supplies can be replenished.  Please contact Andy, our equipment coordinator, at [email protected] with any questions.

Standard Team Gear:

All equipment is provided for the teams through the player fees.  SYSA is active in replenishing the stock, such that players are using high quality gear.  If a coach needs equipment replaced or replenished during the year, contact the SYSA equipment coordinator at [email protected]


  • Pinnies (minimum of two colors)
  • Cones (minimum of three colors)
  • First Aid Kit and ice packs
  • Manual Ball Pump
  • Pass Counter
  • Manual Ball Pump and Needles
  • Equipment Bag


  • Kindergarten, 1st Grade and Second Grade:     Size 3 balls
  • Third to 6th Grade:     Size 4 balls
  • 7th Grade to HS:     Size 5 balls