At Home Training

With the winter soccer season interrupted and the spring season delayed, Sudbury Youth Soccer has put together several options for our participants to keep their skills sharp! We have listed below several fun activities, games and workouts that can all be done at home or with other family members. 


Facebook and Instagram:

Follow us on Instagram here and on Facebook here! Please share videos, photos, comments or questions about soccer and the season ahead. We want to build an online community and spark some excitement around learning new skills which will improve your kids and keep them active!


At Home 5 Star Challenge:

Like all championship winning teams in soccer, we strive to earn a star to go on our uniform! Take part in our At Home 5 Star Challenge. Here's how it works. There are 25 skills, all with a unique video to help demonstrate. Each skill that is mastered earns you 5 points, you achieve a star for every 25 points you earn. Don't forget to post on Facebook and Instagram and tag us!!! Visit the At Home 5 Star Challenge on our website here


Daily Workout:

Follow along daily to keep touching the ball and staying engaged with the sport. Download the Daily Workout Sheet here.



Download the app here and try the juggling challenge! Video yourself and show us how you did.


HIIT Workouts (High Intensity Interval Training):

HIIT workouts are great for soccer as they involve periods of high intensity work out with short periods of rest. These workouts also help build strength & endurance, which is very relevant to a soccer game. View these workouts on youtube here.


Ladder Work: 

This unique workout can be used with cones instead of a ladder! View these workouts on youtube here.