Skills Academy Development League

The Skills Academy Development League is a 7-week program that we offer to players in grade 3-8 each spring and fall. These sessions act as an additional training component to the regularly scheduled team practices. It is a great opportunity for those aspiring players who want to develop their emerging skills and learn core developmental techniques. 

Season Goals include:

  • Helping each player reach their full potential in the sport of soccer.
  • To develop players that are comfortable with the ball at their feet.
  • To improve each player's knowledge and understanding of the game.
  • To create a positive and fun atmosphere where players can learn and develop at their own pace.
  • To learn how to win and lose graciously and the full meaning of fair play.

Players are divided into mixed ability teams for the entire season. Each session, players will train for 40 minutes and then will play a 30-minute game (5 minute half time) against another Skills Academy Development team. The final week will consist of a tournament style soccer Jamboree!

All teams will get a consistent, professional Revolution Staff Coach for the season. The coaches will focus on creating a fun, positive, player-centric, skill based training program.

This program is great for all players:

  • Aspiring players to get additional training time and contact with pro coaches in a low stress, fun environment.
  • Multi sport players to get some touches during the spring season in this 1 event a week program.
  • Recreational players to get playing time with players they otherwise may not get to play with based on ranked teams.