Coordinator Role

The grade level coordinator role is the spine of our youth soccer organization.  Without effective coordinator volunteers, our program would not be what it is today!

The main purpose of the coordinator is to be the leader of an age and gender group of teams. The VP for the Boys and Girls sections will rely on you to make sure that the teams you oversee run smoothly. This involves several steps and the attached coordinator guide is designed to help assist you in your role.

Communication, organization and enthusiasm are three key attributes that are essential for the coordinator role to be an effective one.

You will be tasked with making sure your teams coaches are all registered properly, understand their role as coaches and have effective relayed to their teas their respective schedules. You will also be responsible for communicating information from the Technical Director to the coaches for group night practices.

The coordinator plays a big role in organizing and running the spring player evaluations and subsequent placement meetings. The coordinator is also responsible for organizing and collecting coaches player evaluations, finalizing rosters and assigning coaches to teams.

We have created a robust Coordinator's Guide for your review below! Also, templates that are essential to the spring evaluation process are found on the Coordinator Documents section.

Roster Size Recommendations:

Sudbury Youth Soccer tries to accommodate all players in town through varying ability levels. We take care in recommending ideal roster sizes to achieve maximum playing time while giving equal playing time to all.

Goal: Each player will have at least 60% playing time. There will also be at least three subs at 3v3 and 4v4 between both teams, three subs at 7v7 and 9v9, and four subs at 11v11

  • K roster (3v3): 11 = 55% playing time, 10 = 60%, 9 = 67%     Recommendation 9-10, with 9 being ideal
  • 1st & 2nd grade roster (4v4): 14 = 57%, 13 = 61%, 12 = 67%, 11 = 73%     Recommendation 11-13, with 12 being ideal
  • 3rd & 4th grade roster (7v7): 12 = 58%, 11 = 64%, 10 = 70%     Recommendation 10-11, 11 being ideal
  • 5th & 6th grade roster (9v9): 16 = 56%, 15 = 60%, 14 = 64%, 13 = 69%, 12 = 75%     Recommendation 13-15, with 14 being ideal
  • 7th-12th grade roster (11v11): 19 = 57%, 18 = 61%, 17 = 64%, 16 = 68%, 15 = 73%     Recommendation 15-18, with 16 being ideal