Academy Evaluations and Selection

“To create a player-centric environment for the development of technical

and intuitive players that can perform under pressure”

The Sudbury Academy is available to all Sudbury residents and those who attend Sudbury Public Schools. The High School Academy is open to both Sudbury and Lincoln students. The Academy Squad is available to non-Club Soccer players.

What do we evaluate?

  • Application of soccer technique under pressure
  • Tactical astuteness
  • Intuitive decision-making with and without the ball
  • Work rate and enthusiasm

How do we evaluate the players?

  • Participation in current Academy Squad program
  • Participation in current Skills Development Center program
  • Two nights of open tryouts (previous season coaches evaluations are not used to evaluate)
  • Individual evaluation (special circumstances)

Who evaluates the players?

  • Technical Director
  • Current Academy Squad coaches
  • Current Skills Development Center coaches
  • Additional New England Revolution Academy coaches

How are the teams constructed?

After review of all the data, the Technical Director creates proposed rosters, which are submitted to the Vice President of the Academy. Once approved teams are notified, players must accept in the allotted time.

What happens if a player declines a spot?

If a player turns down the opportunity to participate in the Academy then the Technical Director may offer the next player in line the spot on the team. That player would be welcome to try out again the following year if they chose to do so.

We build our Academy Squad rosters based on a certain number of players committing to the team. Should a player drop after accepting a spot through their signed contract and paid program tuition, the player will be removed from the roster and no refund will be issued.