Group Night Training

This practice format will allow the coaches and players to work with a New England Revolution Academy coach once a week throughout the season. The practice sessions are the same for every team in each age group, including the Academy Squads. The curriculum created by SYSA Technical Director Ross Duncan, provides a common training progression for all players.

  • Each age group will meet on a regularly scheduled practice night at the same time and location. Every team follows the same professional development plan throughout the season.  This has numerous benefits:
  • Every SYSA coach is equipped with professional session plans.
  • Every SYSA coach will learn to emphasize individual technique and development over team plays and winning.
  • The group practice provides consistency from team to team ensuring that each player is being provided with the same level of instruction and technique.  Some players will progress more quickly than others but all will follow the same development path.
  • As players progress from age group to age group, players will build on a sequential training program which will create long term development progress.
  • Group practices in a common location allow for much more effective assessment the abilities of the players within an age group which will benefit the players and coaches during the spring placement process.

Current coaching curriculums can be found here: