Volunteer Coaching

What Makes a Great Coach?:

Have you ever wondered if there is more you can do to foster your child's love of soccer but don't know how? Consider volunteering to coach.  Sudbury Soccer is the perfect place to interact, encourage and motivate your child and other youth players. You don’t need a resume like David Beckham or Mia Hamm. In fact, many adults shy away from coaching not because of time commitment, but because they feel they lack the expertise to coach youngsters. Before you make a decision, realize that many youth coaches are still learning the game themselves — and that is fine when it comes to coaching youth soccer. Vast expertise is not required when children are just starting out.

A good coach needs to be conscientious, enthusiastic and determined to help players learn in the best way they can. Children deserve these characteristics from all youth coaches, no matter the sport. It is not always what coaches know about soccer, but how they present what they know that makes the difference.

Our affiliation with the New England Revolution Academy has made preparing training sessions easier. The NE Rev Academy coaches provide proven training plans that guide practices and are always willing to advise and help you improve. Sudbury Soccer also provides in town soccer training courses at no charge to further your development as a coach. It is a fun evening to get out and interact with your fellow coaches and the experts at Mass Youth Soccer. As a coach in the SYSA system, you are never alone and will find there is always the support you need to handle every situation.

Still not sure this is the right job for you? How about volunteering as an assistant coach? Every team needs several volunteers to make the season a success. An assistant coach plays a crucial role helping to manage the players and execute the training session plans. If you are already at the field during your child’s practice, why not get out there with them and get some exercise too? Assisting is a great opportunity to learn under a more experienced coach and build your confidence.

No interest in running around in a field chasing a ball with the kids? How about volunteering for the Team Manager role? Every head coach would love help with communication, schedule logistics, car pool coordination, and orange/popsicle assignment. There is always an opportunity to contribute.

Already a coach and you still want to be more involved? How about joining the board at Sudbury Soccer or become a coordinator? We are currently looking for an equipment manager as well as other leadership positions throughout the organization. It is an exciting time at SYSA as we are expanding the programs and working hard to raise the quality of the entire organization.

If you are interested in coaching your child’s team or contributing in another way check the volunteer button on your family profile when you register your child. If you would like more information please contact your child’s age group coordinator listed on the Contact Us page.