Academy Expectations

“To create a player-centric environment for the development of technical

and intuitive players that can perform under pressure”

Expectations of the Academy Squad Coach:

  • Coach to be approachable and personable to all parents and players
  • Coach to look and act professional at all times during training and games
  • Coach to be punctual, organized and prepared for each training session and game
  • Coach to communicate directly to the players/parents after each game during the season
  • Coach to always put the development of the player ahead of the score line and team record

Expectations of the Parent:

  • Parents to refrain from sideline coaching of all players, including their own, while supporting the team in a positive and enthusiastic manner
  • Parents to be respectful of the Zero Tolerance Referee Policy
  • 24 hour rule: Parents not to approach the coach with feedback or corrections on game day or at training
  • Parents to ensure players have all the required training attire
  • Parents to inform the coach with at least a one-day notice if they cannot attend training or a game

Expectations of the Player:

  • Players to be respectful to the coach and teammates at all times
  • Players attendance to be a minimum of 75% of games and training
  • Players to come focused to both games and training
  • Players to come in academy attire to both games and training