In Town Coach Profile

In Town Coach Profile

Coaches for Grades K - 2 practice and play games locally in Sudbury. The following outlines what it takes to be a successful coach at these age groups


  • Leadership

         Lead the overall process of player development, team dynamics, logistics and communications in a positive and fun manner.

  • Leading the Team

         Create a positive team environment for all players, parents and coaching staff in order to develop together.

  • Managing the performance environment

         Manage the off-the-field circumstances to optimize the player experience.

  • Coaching Training Sessions

        Coordinate, manage and run all training sessions in line with club philosophy and methodology.

  • Coaching Games

        Guide game day logistics. Create a positive player- centered learning experience for all players.

  • Player Evaluations

       Assess players based on values and philosophy of Sudbury Soccer.


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• Player Evaluations
• Guidance from Technical Director
• Logistical support from Admin Director, Coordinator and VP

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