Field & Turf Guidelines

Park and Recreation Unplayable Field Guidelines

  • A footstep leaves an impression in the turf or if the grass is removed easily with a cleat, this is considered a wet field
  • Standing puddles of water on the field
  • Footing is unsure and slippery
  • Ground is water logged and squishy
  • Grass can be dislodged from the ground easily
  • Lightning
  • Unsafe facility conditions-glass, exposed stones and rocks, etc.
  • The use proves to be destructive or detrimental to quality of turf
  • Frozen Field
  • Periods of forecasted severe weather warnings

Turf Field Restrictions (Applies to all practices and games at Cutting and LSRHS)

  • Only players, coaches and referees on the field, NO SPECTATORS
  • All spectators must sit on the HOME side of the stadium
  • Spectators may not sit inside the fences at LSRHS and can not place chairs or other items on the resurfaced track
  • Only water is allowed on the field, no gatoraide, juice, chewing gum, or food
  • No tents, canopies, flags or umbrellas that penetrate the turf
  • Dogs are not allowed on the grounds at LSRHS or Cutting
  • Drones are not allowed in the area of a game being played, per BAYS guidelines