Academy vs. Club

There are many soccer program choices available. To help you make the best, informed, decision for your family, we’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the options. Program cost, coach license type, location, number of days a week of practice, curriculum, number of teams in the program and where your child fits in that structure and integration with the community are all factors worth considering when making this decision.

Academy Program
Club Program

Annual Fees


Ranging from $2,000 to $3,500

Training and Home Field Location

Sudbury – Haskell, Cutting and LSRHS Fields

Games can be all across New England

Team make-up

Sudbury only youth – play with future HS teammates

Youth from many towns


US Soccer licensed

Not always US Soccer licensed

Partnership with the New England Revolution Academy

Largest partnership with the New England Revolution Academy

Limited within the state of MA

Integrated program with Curtis Middle School

The programs and coaches work together so there are limited schedule conflicts and complimenting styles of play

Completely independent programs

Ability to play additional sports

Encouraged and supported with an attendance policy of 75% for both games and practices

Many clubs discourage playing multiple sports

# of Practices and games per week

Two practices a week, one game a week as recommended by the US Soccer Association



Consistent, progressive curriculum that begins in Kindergarten and continues throughout the program. With oversight of the same number of teams/coaches

Varies depending on the program and size. Some work from curriculums from professional European teams, however the size and number of coaches means there is limited oversight during the season

# of teams per program per grade


Can be many- depending on the club. Many clubs have multiple regions as well as teams in multiple leagues



Coaching License types: US Soccer has a coaching license progression from F license -A license.