NE Revolution Academy Coaches

revsThe New England Revolution Academy’s goal is to become the leader of youth development in Major League Soccer. The Academy will foster the development of youth soccer in New England by enhancing skills, mastering techniques and providing for a greater awareness and insight into the game. 

The Academy Programs have designed innovative, challenging, age appropriate and skill specific curriculums for all training programs, encouraging a higher level of confidence that builds enthusiasm, passion and a continued love for the game of soccer. 

The Revolution Academy also supports local youth soccer organizations and it’s coaches with coach’s education sessions for clubs throughout the New England region.

The curriculum for the Sudbury Youth Soccer Programs was created by Technical Director, Ross Duncan and has been expanded upon over the past few years to incorporate Sudbury's growing youth soccer population. His many years of playing and coaching experience has allowed the Sudbury programs to far exceed those of the towns around us. 

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Ross Duncan

Tech Dir Ross Duncan


Alex Poole

Coach Alex Poole

Douglas DiasDouglas Dias Calen Frongillo

Calen Frongillo


Edwin Mejia

Edwin Mejia